We Help Women Establish and Maintain

a Lifestyle of Luxury.

Enable Your Vision. Clarify Your Strategy. Enhance Your Quality of Life.


Are you tired of feeling stuck in life? Not living life the way you desire? Are you ready to level-up and stop settling for less?


Our Services

We offer customized services that are specific to you becoming the highest, best version of yourself. We cover all areas of what matters most to you: Your Mind/Body/Soul connection, What you Value most in Life, and the Financial Freedom and Fulfillment you Most Desire.

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What Is a Lifestyle Consultant?

A Lifestyle Consultant is an Expert in the areas of Personal Development and Financial Coaching. One who strategically provides accountability, empowerment, and guidance to assist you on your journey to Self-Discovery, Enhanced Health and Wellness, as well as Financial Freedom.

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The Luxe Life Society

Gain VIP Access to More Personal Development and Financial Coaching. Get early access to LLS Workshops and Events. Build Relationships with Like-Minded Women.

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Our Firm

We help you identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities because you deserve to enjoy life the way you desire. Learn, Grow, Conquer, and Celebrate with us!


We take the stress out of life planning. You’ve got a party to plan? We’ve got it. You’ve got a vacation to plan? We’ve got it. You’ve got retirement to plan? We’ve got it. You’ve got your dream life to live?

We’re here to help.

— Whitney Robinson


A Top 10 Service

We Provide Personal Development and Financial Coaching Services. In addition, we offer premier ‘ a la carte’ and package Event Planning and Travel Planning Services. You’ve got your best life to enjoy, and we’re here to help you do just that.